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Woke up at 9am. Watched Yoshihiko. Fell asleep.

Woke up again at 12:30, went for lunch with the Ong family.

Bought snacks.

Played Night in the Woods. It’s getting a bit dull.

Now going to play HOTS.

It’s 17:30

Remember these things: You have to finish your thesis, you have to finish your masters, you committed to going to Bangladesh and you have an Australian PR. Life in Singapore isn’t going anywhere.

You Don’t have to play WoW. WoW is a supplement for life right now because things are slow and you need something interesting to keep things going.

WoW is a supplement to get you through this tough time, do not let it become an addiction.

The other method is also a supplement.

All of these things must not be allowed to consume your primary objectives in life of which the most important is to live each day as if it mattered.

‘How Dull’

Well today I woke up, put my pills in the box, cleaned the bike, sent my ipad charger to the repairs, got a few books on film production, bought toiletries for my melbourne trip and brought all my study stuff, project stuff and thesis stuff to my room.

I just finished a mindmap for my ‘client’ and am about to start reading portfolio management.

What a fun day 😦

21 Oct 2010 (2)

Well, I sent out emails to Adele and the Lim people… I got my trip to Melbourne. Sigh, my head hurts for some reason, must still be recovering from sickness.

I’ve just finished another hectic 16 days of the WMI/SMU Masters of Wealth Management Programme and my recovery yesterday was basically lying in bed all day zoning in and out of sleep.

Now the question that sits in my mind is ‘what now?’, how do I keep up the energy and strength that I managed to hold as I carried myself through those 16 days of hell and get myself to the career that I want, the life that I want and the health that I want? So let’s prioritise:

1. Film Things

a. Education

You should continue your education on film perhaps by looking more on the production side now for a bit of balance.

b. Networks

You should really try and get in touch with the people in the industry that you know.

c. Internship

You should confirm that internship after we confirm the dates for Melbourne.

2. Melbourne

a. You should look into what you can do there and check out the film schools there as well.

3. MWM programme

a. Advanced Study Project

b. Stocktrac

c. Block 3 preparations

d. Grameen bank

e. Block 4 preparations

4. Health

5. Church

Ok, for now this list should do, let’s add to it as we go along.

– Ben